COFFEE RELIEF has a very distinct goal. COFFEE RELIEF goal is to share prosperity. 

COFFEE RELIEF’s goal  is to share prosperity and specialty coffee is our opportunity. We do this based on human well-being. 

In January 2024, COFFEE RELIEF was awarded at the Sprudgie Awards known as “Oscar del Café” as the most sustainable cafe / coffee roaster of the World. In addition COFFEE RELIEF master roaster Juan Pablo Ortiz was awarded as the no. 2 of the world as notable roaster.

So, what made COFFEE RELIEF being awarded as the most sustainable cafe / coffee roaster of the World: Love to Earth. 

In COFFEE RELIEF, we honour our incredible PACHAMAMA and we are committed to its care and love. We do this by working in more than 24 lines of actions. 

  1. Waste management: by December 2023 we correctly managed 1.6 tons of waste. In Latin America it is not not common to handle certified agencies who measure your waste management. COFFEE RELIEF is measured every month. 
  2. Coffee grounds management: our coffee grounds are measured every month. We separate grounds of coffee from our brewing bar from the ones of the espresso bar. Each of them is going to be used in different products of the circular economy. 
  3. Products of circular economy: we are working now supporting 2 different lines of circular products. One is the production of skin care based on coffee, the other is to produce a material made out of coffee grounds. 
  4. Compostable Bags. We will implement Biotre bags with compostable certification.
  5. Lights: We use TALA lights which achieve a 90% more efficiency in the use of energy.
  6. Roaster: aillio roaster the most eco-efficient roaster is used for profiling all the coffee.
  7. Design – Use of energy: in COFFEE RELIEF we use the light of the sun taking advantage of all the windows and open facade of COFFEE RELIEF therefore reducing the use of energy. 
  8. Zero plastic: We are totally 0 ZERO plastic. We do not use it in any way.
  9. Compostable disposables. Every item in COFFEE RELIEF must support our pillar of being sustainable and that includes disposables. 
  10. Creation of our own composting to be later used in our plants. 
  11. Zero use of paper in our brewing bar. We only use Pure Over in that way we do not use filter papers to pour over coffee. 
  12. Use of biodegradable cleaning products. We are certain that every little step helps towards a better earth.
  13. Reduction of carbon footprint: we obtain every product from no more that 3 km around. 
  14. We work towards our community in order to reduce carbon footprint. When you come on bike as your transportation we offer 2×1 en our breakfast to motivate more people to engage. 
  15. We are zero printing: every inventory, checklist, request, etc is made electronically. 
  16. CAS~CAF: we develop a beverage made out of the coffee cascara. By this we use what before was considered waste. This beverage provides natural energy, vitamin C and is very refreshing. This is another circular economy product.
  17. We managed a sustainable operation as we pay fair prices to coffee farmers, share knowledge with them and we make sure to roast and extract the very best of their coffee so final customers can appreciate all the effort involved in the specialty coffee chain.
  18. Working towards equity is for us to educate and invest in new generations. For 3 years now we dedicate a special brevage to fundraising for ALDEAS SOS.This year we loach the affogato SOS. ALDEAS SOS help children who live in a violent family and help them to continue their studies.
  19. We are a woman owned and managed company. Our team is 99 % women. We are constantly providing training  opportunities. 
  20. Community: to be sustainable we need to invest in our community. Until  we have made more than 20 collaborations to achieve our goal: SHARE PROSPERITY. These events allow other brands which are just starting to explore new business opportunities with all of our community.
  21. This year we started working with The UN Refugee Agency in order to do a Christmas Market where more than 20 entrepreneur refugees could expose and sell their products engaging with our community. 
  22. Commitment to equity, means creating opportunities for more. Ecuador as a coffee producing country needs new technology and innovations. We have made sure to provide the most accessible prices in coffee equipment in order to foster a fast growth of the coffee industry in Ecuador. 
  23. Exclusive supply of eggs from chickens free from cage.
  24. We have pledged our commitment for the carbon cero initiative in Ecuador.
  25. We developed new coffee experiences in order to allow coffee farmers to obtain additional way of income in order for them to face periods while they are waiting for harvesting. 

We have bigger plans for 2024 – 2025 and we are certain that our sustainable  impact will be worldwide known. 


Coffee Relief was awarded last year also as the Best New Café of the World.


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